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Alaska Waste is an environmentally responsible Alaska waste management company intelligently using resources to foster disciplined growth to best serve our customers and communities.

Alaska Waste provides solid waste and recycling services to Alaska customers ranging in size from single family residential homes to large commercial front-load and roll off customers.

Alaska Biodiesel Processing plant

Operating the largest waste management fleet in the state of Alaska, we provide vital services to homes, schools, businesses, and government and state facilities.

From our main office in Anchorage we operate our headquarters along with our Biodiesel Processing Facility.  In September 2017, we expanded our garbage collection services to Healy, Juneau, Ketchikan, Nome, Sitka and Unalaska.

While our geographic service area may be large in scope, we strive to maintain a strong commitment to every local community we serve through our involvement with community organizations, activities, and initiatives. We contribute services and provide support to a variety of local events and organizations. Our employees live, work, and raise families within these communities and are very proud of the fact that Alaska Waste is helping to make Alaska a cleaner place to live.

Alaska Waste is committed to providing reliable and environmentally responsible solid waste and recycling services to our customers across the state. We believe in going the extra mile to tailor our services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and to ensure consistent services at both the local and state levels while working hard to deliver the highest standard of service to our customers.

Alaska Waste Biodiesel Processing Facility

Since 2010, Alaska Waste has led the way in green initiatives and environmentally friendly best practices.  Perhaps the greatest achievement in this time was Alaska Waste’s development of the only commercial scale biodiesel processing plant in the state of Alaska.

Biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning fuel that will reduce Alaska Waste’s carbon dioxide generation by up to 80% when compared to petroleum-based diesel currently in use. “Reducing the carbon footprint of our operations has been our focus over the past couple of years,” said chief operating officer for the company. “The rapid advance biodiesel processing technology gives us the confidence that we’ll be able to successfully integrate biodiesel into our day-to-day operations.”

Capable of processing over 250,000 gallons of recycled cooking oil per year, much of the processed biodiesel produced by this processing facility is used directly by Alaska Waste to fuel its waste and recycling fleet. By working closely with over 240 local restaurants and businesses in Anchorage and the surrounding area, Alaska Waste collects over 4,000 gallons of used cooking oil every week that is turned into a cleaner burning fuel source for vehicles while greatly reducing the amount of oil that finds its way into the waste stream.

The list of customers signing on to Alaska Waste’s program is growing quickly as customers become aware of the option. Doug Foster, Alaska Director of Operations of the Village Inn and Qdoba Restaurants, said, “The handling of cooking oil has always presented a unique challenge to our kitchen staff. Alaska Waste will provide us with much more viable collection and disposal service.” Cooking oil will be collected in a state of the art collection vessel inside the restaurant which simplifies handling and eliminates the potential for spillage during storage. Other local customers include; New Sagaya, McDonald’s, Burger King, Glacier Brewhouse, Wendy’s, Peanut Farm and Sourdough Mining Company.

As the amount of used cooking oil continues to increase, Alaska Waste has forged relationships with distributors in the Anchorage area as well as in the Pacific Northwest to make the excess biodiesel not being utilized immediately by Alaska Waste available for the general public in other markets.

To learn more about recycling your used cooking oil, please contact the Anchorage office.

Alaska Waste Biodiesel Grease Caddy

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