Office Recycling Program (ORP)

Interested in starting a recycling program at your office? 

  • Alaska Waste’s Office Recycling Program (ORP) provides businesses in Anchorage with convenient office recycle pick up.  Materials are collected from a central location in the office, and hauled to the Anchorage Recycling Center. [ Download Form ]
  • Alaska Waste offers weekly or on demand pick up schedules to meet each customers need.
  • Plastic soda/water bottles (PETE #1), aluminum cans, and mixed paper products are included in our ORP service.  Mixed paper products include cardboard, office paper, file folders, magazines, newspapers, post-it notes, cracker boxes, and other fibrous materials.  Please flatten all cardboard boxes and bundle for pick up.  Bottles and cans should be collected in a clear plastic trash bag.

Commercial dumpster recycling

  • Alaska Waste provides recycle dumpster and compactor service for businesses that produce large quantities of cardboard, mixed paper and scrap metal.
    [ Download Form ]
Recycling: Good for the environment, good for business!